The Road

 I wanted to get one picture that had a walkway that was vacant. I did not achieve what I wanted but I think what I have is very satisfactory. The things that  I love about this picture are the shadows that the poles cast. It makes the picture to be abstract in a way that has additional perspective on to the image. The shadows gives the picture a three – dimensional perspective, displaying a curve road  elevated to a higher plane. The only thing that was unsuccessful was, developing the image in the dark room took too long. The  reason was that, I  took the picture directly in the sunlight which I am not supposed to do. I learned that I can’t  take pictures directly in the sunlight or else the image won’t show. The challenge was having different objects that I wanted to take and not doing them because, I was facing the sun or there were too many people around for me not to take the picture. Even though there were a lot of people around, still  like the urban environment   because, it has many objects that I can take abstract pictures from. This photograph especially  helped me to realized that I like to take pictures of abstract objects.


The Reflection

This  picture was from my urban field trip at my school. I wanted to at least get a picture that reflects building off another building and this is it. I really like the wavy lines that is on the picture it makes the picture more abstract rather than having just straight lines. The development part was really hard for me.  I tried to make the picture  more darker  but, I had to light my picture around 50 seconds.  But what I don’t like is how in the photo there was something obstructing my picture and it does not look really good. I wanted to crop out that obstruction in Photoshop but I think it would take away some of the picture so I left it out. Overall I think the picture was very good.

The Sideways Tree
















This is my second photo that I am posting on my blog, this was made by my traditional camera. In this photo I actually wanted to shoot the moon and the tree together. I thought that the moon will contrast the tree nicely but, when I developed the photo in the darkroom I could not see the moon I was a little disappointed. When I took another look at what I developed the tree really stood out and it was side ways and I thought that this picture looks edgy but natural at the same time. I  did not intentionally try to make the tree sides ways but it  looks really good and I am proud of what I made. The second image is what I did in photoshop it looks a little more sharper than the original and less gariny.