The Sideways Tree
















This is my second photo that I am posting on my blog, this was made by my traditional camera. In this photo I actually wanted to shoot the moon and the tree together. I thought that the moon will contrast the tree nicely but, when I developed the photo in the darkroom I could not see the moon I was a little disappointed. When I took another look at what I developed the tree really stood out and it was side ways and I thought that this picture looks edgy but natural at the same time. I  did not intentionally try to make the tree sides ways but it  looks really good and I am proud of what I made. The second image is what I did in photoshop it looks a little more sharper than the original and less gariny.


2 thoughts on “The Sideways Tree

  1. Mr. Bremer says:

    Let me know when you upload your other print for b.e. w.e. and I’ll give you more points. Thanks!!

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