The Road

 I wanted to get one picture that had a walkway that was vacant. I did not achieve what I wanted but I think what I have is very satisfactory. The things that  I love about this picture are the shadows that the poles cast. It makes the picture to be abstract in a way that has additional perspective on to the image. The shadows gives the picture a three – dimensional perspective, displaying a curve road  elevated to a higher plane. The only thing that was unsuccessful was, developing the image in the dark room took too long. The  reason was that, I  took the picture directly in the sunlight which I am not supposed to do. I learned that I can’t  take pictures directly in the sunlight or else the image won’t show. The challenge was having different objects that I wanted to take and not doing them because, I was facing the sun or there were too many people around for me not to take the picture. Even though there were a lot of people around, still  like the urban environment   because, it has many objects that I can take abstract pictures from. This photograph especially  helped me to realized that I like to take pictures of abstract objects.


One thought on “The Road

  1. Mrs. Seger says:

    Very cool photo! I love how the lines in the pathway get broken by the stronger and broader line of the diagonal shadow. I makes it more interesting in your foreground. The walkway leads the eye to the figures which is a good device in photography. Keep up the good work.

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