The Swamp

 I wanted to make this picture a reflection of the water. When I printed the final picture, I was surprised that I could not see the trees and the clouds that I wanted. But, I thought that this picture is elusive and it makes a person think about what they are looking at. The thought that I could make this picture that looks very mysterious, is what makes this picture really successful to me. I love it, The thing that will make it unsuccessful is that people won’t know what it is and think that, my camera is damaged when it is not. Even though I did not make it that way. The thing that I learned is that I need to make my focus of my camera more clearer because, my photos are always blurry. And I could not see the image that I had taken. The most challenging thing that I had to  do for landscape, was having a subject matter that would interest the audience, and that appeals to the eye too. I am not too sure this picture would appeal to all audiences. I have always had an interest in  landscape because, a person can have  so many different subject matter that can be interesting, and that can appeal to the eye and they don’t complain or talk. I just like to listen to the birds and the water that surrounds me and I want to take a picture of all the beautiful things that I see when I go outside. I think what  has made me improve is to take a huge breath, let the nature lead me, and just press the button on the camera and see if I can make an amazing photo out of it.


The Road

 I wanted to get one picture that had a walkway that was vacant. I did not achieve what I wanted but I think what I have is very satisfactory. The things that  I love about this picture are the shadows that the poles cast. It makes the picture to be abstract in a way that has additional perspective on to the image. The shadows gives the picture a three – dimensional perspective, displaying a curve road  elevated to a higher plane. The only thing that was unsuccessful was, developing the image in the dark room took too long. The  reason was that, I  took the picture directly in the sunlight which I am not supposed to do. I learned that I can’t  take pictures directly in the sunlight or else the image won’t show. The challenge was having different objects that I wanted to take and not doing them because, I was facing the sun or there were too many people around for me not to take the picture. Even though there were a lot of people around, still  like the urban environment   because, it has many objects that I can take abstract pictures from. This photograph especially  helped me to realized that I like to take pictures of abstract objects.