The Fan

This photo is one of my action images. The goal was to capture the fan twirling the sidings.  I did achieve it and it looks really good. The most successful part was the contrast and how it didn’t look blurry in the computer. The least successful was that I had another image of  another fan but I saved it on a PSD file on accident.  I learned that I should check what I am doing rather than rushing through everything. The challenge was to get all my photos in on time and I achieved that. It has helped me to be more patient with my surroundings.


Busy Work

This is my second informal portrait. For this photo i wanted the subject to be unaware that  I am taking their photos. It looks more natural when  the person is not being posed on purpose. I had achieve what I wanted and it looks really good. The most successful thing about my photo was how easy it was to develop in the dark room.  There wasn’t any unsuccessful things about the image. I have learned that I should check the light metering more often, so that I wouldn’t be having any development  issue in the future. The challenge was not having enough time to do my informal pictures. I learned that I should prioritize my time more.

The Finals

My actual goal was for this picture to be an action shot, obviously there is no action in so I thought this picture would be a great photo for informal pictures that I had to do. I think that I achieved this by making the subject to what they are doing and capture them unaware. I wanted my subject to be doing something that was not posed and I think I was very successful. The most successful part of my picture was the easy development and how I was in focused with the subject matter which was the pen that the person was writing with. I think the least successful part was the way it turned out on the computer. The paper that the person was writing on seemed a little bit unnatural to me and I tried to re alter the photo to its original but the lines were still scraggly so I left it. Another thing that was unsuccessful part of my informal pictures was that I had another  film that was supposed to be one of my informal pictures but it got exposed to light. I have learned that when I am starting to develop my film that I should check my film roller to see if it is stuck together or if they are apart. And I should be careful how I should alter my photos in the computer. The challenge was how to get lighting on their faces and how much light I should need, so that some contrast would show on the camera and to  tell the person how to   be natural in their own environment. To me it has helped to be more patient in taking the photos and try new things with my camera and subject matter.

The Reflection

This  picture was from my urban field trip at my school. I wanted to at least get a picture that reflects building off another building and this is it. I really like the wavy lines that is on the picture it makes the picture more abstract rather than having just straight lines. The development part was really hard for me.  I tried to make the picture  more darker  but, I had to light my picture around 50 seconds.  But what I don’t like is how in the photo there was something obstructing my picture and it does not look really good. I wanted to crop out that obstruction in Photoshop but I think it would take away some of the picture so I left it out. Overall I think the picture was very good.

The Sideways Tree
















This is my second photo that I am posting on my blog, this was made by my traditional camera. In this photo I actually wanted to shoot the moon and the tree together. I thought that the moon will contrast the tree nicely but, when I developed the photo in the darkroom I could not see the moon I was a little disappointed. When I took another look at what I developed the tree really stood out and it was side ways and I thought that this picture looks edgy but natural at the same time. I  did not intentionally try to make the tree sides ways but it  looks really good and I am proud of what I made. The second image is what I did in photoshop it looks a little more sharper than the original and less gariny.